Ever since the dawn of civilisation, mankind has invented and developed new means, methods and technology for the upbringing the crop production. The very people that are involved in this business of crop production are called farmers.

Farmers are the people that are termed as “father of the world” for the mere fact that they successfully look after the process of growing crops and vegetation that feeds the population of the world. By record, 2/3rd population of India is involved in or along the lines of agriculture. As most of other industries are also remotely or largely dependent upon farming, it can be said farming provides proportional growth to the development of any nation. Like any other country, farmers in India are also considered as the backbone of the nation and have a direct impact in the national economy.

In recent times, farmers are fighting against some of the toughest obstacles like natural calamities and lack of proper resources, keeping them from maintaining the required production levels. This has resulted in some heavy losses in the economy and consumable supplies nation-wide. In 1979, an organisation by the name Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) was established with the primary objective to look after the needs of the nation’s farmers. This organisation is not affiliated or connected with any Political motive, which makes it a promising relief for the farmers all around the country.